Planning Committee
Tuesday, 15 October 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: De Montfort Suite - Hub

Contact: Rebecca Owen  Democratic Services Manager Email:

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Apologies and substitutions


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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2019.


Additional urgent business by reason of special circumstances

To be advised of any additional items of business which the Chairman decides by reason of special circumstances shall be taken as matters of urgency at this meeting.


Declarations of interest

To receive verbally from Members any disclosures which they are required to make in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct or in pursuance of Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. This is in addition to the need for such disclosure to be also given when the relevant matter is reached on the agenda.



To hear any questions in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 12.


Decisions delegated at previous meeting

To report progress on any decisions delegated at the previous meeting.


18/01237/FUL - Land Adjacent Hinckley Leisure Centre, Coventry Road, Hinckley pdf icon PDF 296 KB

Application for erection of 66 apartments within two apartment blocks and 7 houses, including the provision of access, open space and associated infrastructure.


‘Late items:’




For clarification the number of representation received in relation to the original submission reference in paragraph 5.2 should read 34 Letters of objection from 29 addresses.


Following the receipt of amended plans which reduce the height of the proposed building, reduced the number of dwellings across the site and retained the public car park; a further four representations have been received; the comments are summarised below:-


1)         Pleasing to see the reduced height of the apartment block;

2)         Thanks for the reduction in dwellings and improving the parking provision; including the retention of the public carpark;

3)         Concerns for rat-running and increase parking on Trinity Vicarage Road;

4)         Traffic calming measures should be introduced;

5)         Parking spaces should be marked and allocated, every space should have vehicle charging facilities;

6)         Retained element of the car park should be made available during construction;

7)         One way system should be considered, on street parking is an issue in the area;

8)         There are other developments happening in the area with lack of parking;




With reference to the above, traffic calming measures are now proposed along the access road, this includes a speed table at the entrance of the public car park, close to the junction with Trinity Vicarage Road, and each apartment is allocated 1 parking space.


Additional condition:-


31.       No development shall take place until a programme of archaeological work, comprising further post-determination trial trenching, specific metal-detecting and as necessary targeted archaeological investigation.  The full programme and timetable will be detailed within a Written Scheme of Investigation, submitted to and approved by the local planning authority in writing.  The scheme shall include an assessment of significance and research questions; and:


           The programme and methodology of site survey, investigation and recording (including assessment of results and preparation of an appropriate mitigation scheme)

           The programme for post-investigation assessment

           Provision to be made for analysis of the site investigation and recording

           Provision to be made for publication and dissemination of the analysis, interpretation and presentation of the site investigation

           Provision to be made for archive deposition of the analysis and records of the site investigation

           Nomination of a competent person or persons/organisation to undertake the works, with particular reference to the metal detecting survey, as set out within the Written Scheme of Investigation.


No development shall take place other than in accordance with the Written Scheme of Investigation approved through condition.


Reason: To allow proper investigation and recording of the site, which is potentially of archaeological and historic significance in accordance with Policies DM11, DM12 and DM13 of the adopted Site Allocations Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (2016).




The recommendation does not change from that printed on the agenda.


19/00743/FUL - Grove House, Grove Road, Burbage pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Application for erection of five dwellings with vehicular access and associated parking and garages.


19/00785/OUT - Land Rear Of 4-28 Markfield Road, Ratby pdf icon PDF 134 KB

Application for erection of four dwellings (outline - access, layout and scale).


‘Late items:’




Since the publication of the committee report, additional comments have been received.




A further letter has been received from Ratby Parish Council and is summarised below:


    1)        Introduction of additional traffic on to an already busy road

    2)        The site is outside of the settlement boundary

    3)        The application has already been refused twice and dismissed at appeal in 2018

    4)        There is no additional allocation of housing in Ratby




Paragraph 8.12 to 8.19 of the Officers Report to Committee addresses the previous decisions at the site and assesses the impact upon the character of the area. Paragraph 8.54 to 8.62 goes on to set out the planning balance weighing up any harm against the benefits of the scheme. 


Paragraph 8.31 sets out LCC Highways consideration of the application.




The recommendation remains to grant planning permission subject to the details outlined in the original Planning Committee Report.



19/00607/FUL - Land West Of Breach Lane, Earl Shilton pdf icon PDF 146 KB

Application for erection of 3 detached dwellings.


‘Late items:’




The submission of geophysical and geotechnical surveys of the application site have indicated that the majority of the application area has a negligible archaeological interest, due to the extent of the former backfilled extraction pit.  However the available historic mapping and geophysical survey data, indicates that a probable late 19th century brick kiln, is located immediately to the west of the southernmost development plot (3).  The kiln appears to lie across the property boundary, but a significant proportion lies within the present site.  It is recommended that the applicant is required to undertake a programme of archaeological mitigation to address the impact of development upon this structure.  These works should comprise either protection in situ for the surviving archaeological deposits, or their prior excavation and recording in advice of groundworks for either the site remediation or any proposed development of Plot 3. 




Replace condition 2 with:-


2.         The development hereby permitted shall not be carried out otherwise than in complete accordance with the submitted application details, as follows:


Site location and Block plan – 5A-03.09.19

Proposed street scene – 5A-03.09.19

Site plan – 5A – 03.09.19


Received by the Local Planning Authority on 4 September 2019


Plot 1 Ground floor Plan – 6A -01.07.19

Plot 1 First floor plan – 6A.01.07.19

Plot 1 Roof Plan – 6A.01.07.19

Plot 1 Elevations – 6A .01.07.19

Plot 1 Plot Plan – 6A.01.07.19


Plot 2 Ground floor plan 4A.01.07.19

Plot 2 First floor plan 4A.01.07.19

Plot 2 Roof plan 4A.01.07.19

Plot 2 Elevations – 4A-01.07.19

Plot 2 Plot Plan – 4A.01.07.19


Plot 3 Ground Floor plan 3A.01.07.19

Plot 3 First floor plan 3A.01.07.19

Plot 3 Roof plan 3A.01.07.19

Plot 3 Elevations 3A.01.07.19

Plot 3 plot plan 3A.01.07.19


Received by the Local Planning Authority on 4 July 2019


Reason: To ensure a satisfactory form of development in accordance with Policies DM1 and DM10 of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document (2016).


Following receipt of the above advice received from LCC Archaeology Condition 13 should be re-worded to read as follows:


13.      No demolition/development shall take place/commence until a written scheme of investigation (WSI) has been [submitted to and] approved by the local planning authority in writing. For land that is included within the WSI, no demolition/development shall take place other than in accordance with the agreed WSI, which shall include the statement of significance and research objectives, and


·           The programme and methodology of site investigation and recording and the nomination of a competent person(s) or organisation to undertake the agreed works


·           The programme for post-investigation assessment and subsequent analysis, publication & dissemination and deposition of resulting material. This part of the condition shall not be discharged until these elements have been fulfilled in accordance with the programme set out in the WSI


Reason: To ensure satisfactory archaeological investigation and recording


The WSI must be prepared by an archaeological contractor acceptable to the Planning Authority.  To demonstrate that the implementation of this  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


19/00887/HOU - 22 Flaxfield CLose, Groby pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Application for single storey front, side and rear extension, including new fence and gates.


‘Late items:’




Three neighbour letters reiterating original concerns raised have been received regarding the following:-


    1)        Insufficient parking and potential highways safety hazard on a corner plot;

    2)        Uncharacteristic render on the property;

    3)        Overdeveloped plot;

    4)        Loss of light to 21 Flaxfield Close;


Since their previous concerns raised, Groby Parish Council now have no objections to the scheme.




The recommendations to committee have not changed from the original report.





Appeals progress pdf icon PDF 37 KB

To report on progress relating to various appeals.


Any other items of business which the Chairman decides have to be dealt with as matters of urgency