Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Executive holds its meetings around the borough. Here are the locations for the first two meetings of 2019:


Wednesday, 9 January

Earl Shilton Independent Chapel, United Reformed Church


Wednesday, 10 April

Sheepy Magna Memorial Hall



These will be public meetings starting at 6.30pm and will be followed by an open question and answer session for members of the public. For further information, please contact Rebecca Owen, Democratic Services Officer, on 01455 255879




The Executive is the part of the Council which is responsible for decisions within the policy framework adopted by Council. The Executive is made up of six councillors, selected by the Leader, plus the Leader.


Meetings of the Executive are generally open to the public, except where personal or confidential matters are to be discussed.


The Leader has aligned many of the following Executive responsibilities to the three key priority areas of the corporate plan: people, places and prosperity. There is a degree of cross over between these themes but the primary focus is clear.


Executive Leader of the Council – Cllr Mike Hall

Community Leadership:

·         Providing overall leadership and direction for the Council

·         Ensuring the Council meets its duties to support vulnerable people and those who are most in need, recognising diversity and celebrating what unites us, and supporting an effective and viable voluntary and community sector

·         Representing the Council at East Midlands Councils and the Local Government Association (including the District Councils Network)

Economic development:

·         Representing the Council at meetings of Leicester & Leicestershire Council Leaders; Leicestershire LEP; Coventry & Warwickshire LEP and Coventry, Warwickshire and Hinckley & Bosworth Committee

·         Building the Council’s reputation with peers and partners

·         Promoting the needs of Bosworth to other agencies through engagement with Midlands Connect, The Midlands Engine and appropriate combined authorities

·         Chairing the A5 Partnership

·         Representing Leicestershire District and Borough Councils as a board member of the Leicester and Leicestershire LEP.

·         Also holds the housing & community safety portfolio




Executive member for culture, sport & leisure, communications & partnerships – Cllr Maureen Cook

·         Helping people to stay healthy and active and to feel well

·         Supporting and celebrating our cultural and heritage facilities and events for the benefit of residents and businesses alike

·         Ensuring the Council’s aims and services are promoted through the Borough Bulletin and other media

·         Ensuring the Council’s links through strategic partnerships and membership of outside bodies is always adding value.


Executive member for Corporate & Member Services – Cllr Chris Ladkin

·         Ensuring Council finances are well managed to provide the resources necessary for provision of council services

·         Ensuring ICT facilities adequately support officers in delivery of council services

·         Ensuring the Revenues & Benefits service meets the needs of its customers

·         Ensuring the Customer Services function operates efficiently and professionally in dealing with customers

·         Ensuring members are trained to perform their duties and are adequately supported by the Democratic Services team

·         Ensuring elections are well managed, legal and fair, encouraging more people to vote

·         Ensuring provision of legal support

·         Ensuring civic office support is provided to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

·         Supporting Human Resources to develop policies to recruit and retain HBBC officers.




Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive member for rural places and communities, tourism, licensing & environmental services – Cllr Kevin Morrell

·         Supporting our rural communities and ensuring council services meet their needs

·         Setting parameters for the Parish & Community Initiative Fund

·         Ensuring rural development priorities are delivered through the Developing Communities Fund

·         Ensuring older persons’ services enable and inspire older people to make the most of later life

·         Ensuring the Council supports our tourism partners in promoting our local attractions

·         Ensuring performance of licensing and environmental services

·         Acting as the Council’s ambassador for fairtrade.


Executive member for development services – Cllr Richard Allen

·         Setting objectives and ensuring performance of planning services (applications, building control and enforcement

·         Supporting member decision making to deliver the council’s housing provision and avoid unnecessary appeals

·         Ensuring building control and enforcement services are appropriate, timely and effective

·         Providing executive leadership and support to local members and community groups during major development programmes

·         Inspiring standards of urban design that create attractive places to live.


Executive member for housing & community safety services – Cllr Mike Hall

·         Council housing management and related services (including homelessness)

·         Housing repairs

·         Private sector housing

·         Ensuring the HRA business plan allows improvement of existing homes and enables the delivery of additional affordable housing

·         Ensuring the Council takes measures to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, protecting people from harm and making our neighbourhoods safer.


Executive member for neighbourhood services – Cllr Mark Nickerson

·         Maintaining clean and attractive places to live and work

·         Ensuring refuse & recycling, neighbourhood wardens, street cleaning, street scene and green space services meet the needs of the community and are delivered in an effective way

·         Keeping our borough clean and green

·         Protecting and improving our parks and open spaces for everyone across the borough.




Executive member for town & urban communities, regeneration & growth, children’s & young people’s services – Cllr Miriam Surtees

·         Setting out the Council’s direction and plans for employment and housing growth through strategic growth and local development plans

·         Providing plans to boost economic growth and regeneration in our towns and across the borough

·         Encouraging investment that will provide new jobs and places to live and work

·         Ensuring delivery of the Council’s own regeneration projects

·         Working with partners to raise aspirations of residents and providing opportunities for employment and home ownership

·         Ensuring council services meet the needs of town and urban communities

·         Overseeing development of major retail centres and markets

·         Ensuring council car parking meets the needs of people using towns for working, shopping or leisure

·         Setting parameters for the Developing Communities Fund

·         Working with partners to increase quality and capacity for training opportunities

·         Ensuring performance of the Children’s and Young People’s services to give children and young people the best start in life and offer them the opportunity to thrive in their communities.


Contact information

Support officer: Rebecca Owen, Democratic Services Manager, on 01455 255879 or email Democratic Services Manager