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21/00251/FUL - Land east of Higham Lane, Stoke Golding

Meeting: 20/07/2021 - Planning Committee (Item 76)

76 21/00251/FUL - Land East of Higham Lane, Stoke Golding pdf icon PDF 293 KB

Application for erection of building and change of use of land to form a dog day care facility.


Late items received after preparation of agenda:



Following the publication of the committee report, the following additional information has been received on 19.07.2021 from the applicant:


·                Signed tenancy agreement between applicant and land owner


This additional information has been provided on a confidential basis.

During the Course of the application an objection was received from Cllr. Collett as Ward Councillor. Whilst these comments are included within paragraph 5.3 of the officer report committee contained with the letters of objection, these comments should have been separated out. Cllr. Collett made the following points of objection;

·                Such a building in beautiful open countryside would be inappropriate.


The committee report already published assesses the weight given to the applicant’s tenancy agreement in the context of the application:

“Notwithstanding, it is not considered that evidence of a lease agreement would necessarily provide all “details regarding the landowner’s business” that the Planning Inspectorate believed to be lacking in order to satisfy Policy DM4 of the SADMP.” (Paragraph 8.2)


The recommendation remains as printed on the agenda.


Application for erection of building and change of use of land to form a dog day care facility (part-retrospective) (resubmission of 20/00570/FUL).


The agent and a representative of Stoke Golding Parish Council spoke on the application.


It was moved by Councillor Roberts, seconded by Councillor Cook and


RESOLVED – permission be refused for the reasons contained in the officer’s report.