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Hinckley Community Initiative Fund

Meeting: 23/11/2015 - Hinckley Area Committee (Item 271)

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Report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Community Direction) seeking support for allocation of grant funding through the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund.


The Committee was informed of three applications for funding towards a van for Emmaus’ collections, a new timing machine for Hinckley swimming club and IT equipment for West Leicestershire Mind. At this juncture, Cllr Kirby declared a personal interest as a trustee of Hinckley Swimming Club.


Members expressed concern that these were not necessarily projects for the benefit of the wards within the Hinckley Area and asked that consideration be given to updating the criteria to restrict it to projects which benefit Hinckley residents. It was moved by Councillor Bill, seconded by Councillor Hodgkins and


RESOLVED – the funding allocation of £9,581 as outlined in the report be endorsed and the Strategic Leadership Board be recommended to approve the funding from the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund.

Meeting: 28/01/2015 - Hinckley Area Committee (Item 341)

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Report of the Deputy Chief Executive (Community Direction).


The Committee was presented with an update on the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund which was in its first year, along with information on grant applications for approval. Members were disappointed that, despite issuing a press release, using the HBBC website and sending out letters to over a hundred community groups, only three applications had been received, and two of those had been subsequently withdrawn.


A member stated that the Voluntary & Community Sector Commissioning Board had been oversubscribed with regard to grant applications and it was suggested that HBBC creates a link with the VCS and asks them to make applicants aware of the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund. Members discussed this suggestion at some length and agreed that officers should be asked to commence exploratory discussions with the VCS. A member also suggested contacting Next Generation as they had contacts for more community groups who may wish to apply for funding.


Members were extremely concerned to hear that the budget for the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund in 2015/16 had been removed and therefore a supplementary budget would be required to fund the £419, should members approve the one remaining application. The committee asked that the budget be reinstated as originally agreed. It was also requested that applications for funding be received continuously throughout the year with the only cut-off date being the end of the financial year in order to encourage applications with the decision on applications being delegated to the Strategic Leadership Board in order to process them in a timely manner.


It was moved by Councillor Bray, seconded by Councillor Witherford and




(i)            The application for funding of £419 from the Hinckley Community Initiative Fund be approved;


(ii)           The Hinckley Community Initiative Fund budget be reinstated at the originally agreed amount of £20,000;


(iii)          Applications for funding be received throughout the financial year rather than to an in-year deadline;


(iv)         Officers be recommended to look into working with the VCS Commissioning Board to link with community groups who have made applications to them for funding and to contact Next Generation for details of community groups.