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19/01112/OUT - Land at rear of 131 Lutterworth Road, Burbage

Application for residential development (outline – access only)


Late items:



The Council is in receipt of two further letters of objection following the publication of the committee agenda making the following points:

1)           The committee extract explains why the access should be granted planning permission on the basis that the future residential development is sustainable and not in breach of local policy

2)           We were strongly advised as neighbours to comment on access only not the potential development

3)           Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council is adopting a dual standards approach by clearly demonstrating that non-submitted, non-considered application considerations could be taken in to account as material considerations

4)           Only 20% of the document is dedicated to the access itself. It almost looks like that the potential development has already been considered as good to go

5)           The Committee Extract document has been uploaded onto the planning portal which appears to be giving a green light for the whole development to proceed instead of just the access proposal

6)           Very little notice has been given for the Committee preparation which takes an entirely new spin and vector now. There is absolutely no chance to defend residents grounds within 3 minutes against this in what appears to be a foregone decision

7)           This change of emphasis on the application cannot and should not be considered at all without further public consultation

8)           A satisfactory explanation should be provided as to why the approach to the application has been significantly altered and application 19/01112/OUT is still going to be considered.



The proposal has a development description of “Residential development (outline- access only)” this description appears on the publication of the planning application, including the site notice and neighbour letters that were sent. Therefore, publication of this application was carried out correctly and in accordance with statutory requirements.


Outline planning applications are designed to establish the principle of development, in this instance residential development of the site. However, the applicant has the option to reserve some matters for consideration later. With this particular application the applicant reserved all matters for consideration other than access. At this stage consideration is given to the access of the site, as well as the principle of residential development. The content of the Committee Report covers the relevant material planning considerations as part of the assessment of the application.


No changes to the proposal have been made without further publicity of the application with the exception of an indicative layout plan. However as this plan is indicative it is not for approval as part of this application as the layout of the development is still a matter for consideration. This plan makes no material change to the considerations of the described proposed development.   


Notification of the planning committee has been carried out in the same way via post or in the majority of cases via email to the address from which the objection was sent. Notification that the application would be reported to committee has therefore been fair and does not depart from the procedure carried out at all Planning Committees.



The recommendation is unchanged from that which is printed on the agenda.


Application for residential development (outline – access only).


It was moved by Councillor Ladkin and seconded by Councillor Boothby that permission be granted subject to the conditions contained in the officer’s report. Upon being put to the vote, the motion was LOST.


It was then moved by Councillor Roberts and seconded by Councillor Findlay that permission be refused. This motion was then withdrawn.


It was moved by Councillor Findlay and seconded by Councillor Roberts that the application be deferred for a site visit. Upon being put to the vote, the motion was CARRIED and it was


RESOLVED – the item be deferred for a site visit.

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