Committee details


Purpose of committee

The Executive is the part of the Council which is responsible for decisions within the policy framework adopted by Council. The Executive is currently made up of six councillors, selected by the Leader, plus the Leader.


Meetings of the Executive are generally open to the public, except where personal or confidential matters are to be discussed.


Members of the Executive and their areas of responsibility are:


Councillor SL Bray                  -           Leader of the Council and Executive member for Corporate & Member Services and equalities


Councillor DC Bill                    -           Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive member for planning


Councillor KWP Lynch           -           Executive member for finance, ICT, asset management and the voluntary sector


Councillor MT Mullaney          -           Executive member for housing and community safety


Councillor MB Cartwright       -           Executive member for climate change, licensing, environmental health and rural affairs


Councillor K Nichols               -           Executive member for culture, leisure, tourism and town centres


Councillor WJ Crooks             -           Executive member for street scene services, parks & open spaces.


Contact information

Support officer: Rebecca Owen, Democratic Services Manager, on 01455 255879 or email Democratic Services Manager