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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

The Planning Committee undertakes the regulatory and other related functions of the Council as Local Planning Authority and Building Control Authority.


The Planning Committee consists of 17 members. Meetings are generally held every four weeks, on a Tuesday at 6.30pm. Meetings are open to the public although where ‘exempt’ information is discussed, members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting. We have a small public gallery which will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. We also endeavour to livestream the meetings on YouTube. Videos will then remain available for six months after the meeting, although the council reserves the right to remove a video if it deems it necessary.


If attending a meeting, you may be visible on the livestream and video. If you do not wish to be visible on camera, please speak to Democratic Services on arrival.


Public speaking at Planning Committee is allowed at the discretion of the chairman. The following is an extract from the council’s constitution which sets out the rules for speaking at Planning Committee:


Part 3c Planning Committee procedure rules


3.1       Public speaking is allowed at the discretion of the chairman. The chairman’s decision is final.


3.2       Objectors and the applicant (or those speaking on behalf of the applicant) may speak at Planning Committee except on those applications where

·         another body directs refusal

·         the borough council is a consultee only.


3.3         Speaking at meetings of the Planning Committee is limited to:


An objector to a planning application where:

·         The objector has made a written comment on the application

·         The grounds of objection raise material planning considerations

·         The objector has given the required notice of a wish to speak.


An applicant(s), or agent(s) appointed to act on their behalf.


Objectors will have five minutes to speak. Where more than one objector wishes to address the meeting, Democratic Services will put the objectors in touch with each other so they may agree how they will share the time allowed. The objectors should inform Democratic Services of the agreement they have reached. If no agreement is reached, the first person who made the request shall speak.


Applicants may also share the five minutes as they see fit.


3.4       Speaking will be allowed only if the planning application is one which is reported to a meeting of the Planning Committee for them to determine, on the basis that it is not delegated for decision at officer level.


3.5       Anyone wishing to speak will need to contact Democratic Services by email, telephone or in writing no later than 4.00pm on the Thursday before the meeting.


3.6       No written submissions, photos, presentations or other material will be accepted from speakers at the meeting.


3.7       If a decision on an application is deferred, any objectors or applicants registered to speak on that item will have the opportunity to speak again when the item is brought back to a future committee. If they do not wish to speak, opportunity for others to register in line with the normal procedure will be afforded.


3.8       Applications will not be deferred because of the absence of an applicant or objector, or other person, who has indicated a wish to speak.


For further information or to register to speak, please contact Democratic Services on 01455 255834 or email


Contact information

Support officer: Rebecca Owen. Democratic Services Manager Email:

Phone: 01455255879