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This page lists the meetings for Executive.

Information about Executive

The Executive is the part of the Council which is responsible for decisions within the policy framework adopted by Council. The Executive is currently made up of six councillors, selected by the Leader, plus the Leader.


Meetings of the Executive are generally open to the public, except where personal or confidential matters are to be discussed. We also endeavour to livestream public meetings to the council’s YouTube channel. Videos will then remain available for six months after the meeting, although the council reserves the right to remove a video if it deems it necessary.


If attending a meeting, you may be visible on the livestream and video. If you do not wish to be visible on camera, please speak to Democratic Services on arrival.



Members of the Executive and their areas of responsibility are:


Councillor SL Bray               -           Leader of the Council


                                                            Portfolio includes external relations, communications, regeneration & town centres (including car parks), corporate and member services


Councillor MC Bools            -           Deputy Leader of the Council


                                                            Portfolio includes leisure, culture, tourism, arts, equalities, health & wellbeing


Councillor MT Mullaney      -           Executive member for housing and community safety


                                                            Portfolio includes housing (including building of council houses), community safety and voluntary sector


Councillor WJ Crooks          -           Executive member for planning


                                                            Portfolio includes local plan delivery, planning policy (including chairing the member working group) and planning enforcement


Councillor KWP Lynch        -           Executive member for finance, ICT and asset management


                                                            Portfolio includes finance, ICT, asset management (including chairing Asset Strategy & Regeneration Group), crematorium (in consultation with the Leader)


Councillor L Hodgkins         -           Executive member for parks, open spaces and neighbourhood services


                                                            Portfolio includes street scene & neighbourhood services, parks & open spaces


Councillor MB Cartwright    -           Executive member for climate change, environment and rural affairs


                                                            Portfolio includes environmental health, climate change/net zero, licensing policy, rural affairs (including parish council liaison and rural conference).